Twitter Chat: What are your Memorial Day Weekend safety tips?

Memorial Day is the official start of summer, and we combed through the #MemorialDayWeekend tweets to find the top three tips to keep you safe as you get outside for the first time in months:

1.) The sun is trying to kill you


As with everything in the universe, the sun is constantly trying to dehydrate you, burn your skin and give you cancer. So don’t throw shade… listen to the U.S. Surgeon General. He was right about smoking.

2.) Don’t drink and drive


Drinking and driving is incredibly dangerous. If you are driving and see someone drinking, immediately text the number above. It could save a life.

3.) Shuffle your feet to scare stingrays

sting rays

Don’t be a victim of stingray violence: shuffle your feet.

Please don’t drive drunk, and please at least try not to text and drive. Happy Memorial Day!

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