Minneapolis Mayor Poses For Picture, Ruins KSTP’s News Credibility Forever

KSTPNORTH, MINNEAPOLIS – A photograph of Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges posing with a North Minneapolis resident has been released by local news station KSTP, ruining what little news credibility the station had left. According to the story released earlier today, the mayor is clearly flashing a gang sign with a convicted felon, although it is more likely she was simply pointing at him. The photograph was just the latest in a string of asinine garbage the station has been touting as something people might actually give a damn about, and has left viewers confused. “Even if the mayor were flashing a gang sign in the picture, I don’t really see how that would increase crime,” said bewildered viewer Jeffrey Friedman. “If anything, the station would be responsible for showing {the image} to everyone and telling them it is an endorsement of gangs.” Debate rages as to whether the story is racially or politically charged, but everyone agrees it is very, very stupid.

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