Top 4 Reasons To Attend The Minnesota State Fair


The Minnesota State Fair is a great opportunity to celebrate our fine state and the bizarre people who make it so special. Here are Intelligencer Tip’s top four reasons to attend:

1.) Time Doesn’t Exist: If you feel like having a beer and a corn dog at 9 AM without being judged, the State Fair is the place to do it. There is no concept of time and the usual rules of decency do not apply. Unless you are a smoker. Smoking isn’t cool at the fair anymore.

2.) You Will Feel Normal: Regardless of your physical appearance or level of family dysfunction, at the State Fair you will encounter hundreds of people that will make you feel normal by comparison. Some people go to the State Fair simply to gawk at the strange characters that inevitably show up in droves year after year.

3.) Calories Don’t Count: It’s a scientific fact that calories consumed at the fair do not actually count. This is great news for those of you who would like to eat a bucket of cookies for lunch or sample all of the newest deep-fried atrocities the fair has to offer.

4.) Deep-Fried Atrocities: Is there any food that doesn’t taste better when deep-fried? If there is we don’t want to know. From deep-fried candy bars to deep-fried alligator, the fair has it all.  A new addition this year is the massive bacon-wrapped turkey leg. It isn’t deep-fried, but don’t worry: it’s still terrible for you.

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