5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Summer


Every Minnesotan knows summers here are just too short. With winter just around the corner, here are the Intelligencer Tips for getting the most out of what little summer we have left:

1.) Stop Going To Work: The typical work day takes up way too many of the precious daylight hours you could be spending enjoying the outdoors. Tell your boss you won’t be in until the temperature drops below 60 degrees. He or she will understand and probably join you.

2.) Barbecue For Every Meal: There is nothing like a tasty grilled burger, steak or wiener on a beautiful summer day. Make the most of your trusty grill and use it to cook every meal you eat. Your neighbors might think you are crazy, but you can smile to yourself knowing they are the insane ones.

3.) Develop A Drinking Problem: Summer truly is the party season and, with a a little effort, you can be the life of that party day in and day out. Don’t worry if you can’t stop when the summer is over: a solid drinking problem comes in handy during the harsh Minnesota winter as well.

4.) Post Pictures Of You On A Boat: Everyone knows you aren’t actually enjoying summer unless you are on a boat. Post as many pictures of yourself boating as possible to ensure your social media friends are adequately jealous. Try to include as many attractive friends in the photos as possible.

5.) Steal A Boat: Stealing a boat is actually much easier than you might think and armed with the drinking habit you’ve picked up it might even sound like a really great idea. This will also be a prime opportunity to take some boating photos. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make some memories.

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