Local Band In It For The Money

SOUTH, MINNEAPOLIS – In a recent interview Minneapolis garage rock band Muffler stated they are only in it for the money. “It’s great to write music and everything,” explained lead singer and guitarist Josiah Smith, “but really we are just looking to get paid.”


Recently hailed by City Pages as an up and coming local act to watch, the unsigned band makes between $o and $100 a show plus drink tickets for the band members. The group also sells a few copies of their record at every live show, although recording and production costs are far from being paid off. However, bass player Reed Knutson knows a guy who can make some t-shirts for pretty cheap which will probably sell for about $10 each.

The four members of the band, all of whom work menial jobs in the service industry, agreed that financial reward far outweighed the artistic expression and brotherly camaraderie afforded by writing, recording and playing music. Even though they have yet to see a profit, that’s just because the van broke down and what can you really do about that?

“At the end of the day you gotta look out for number one,” reflected Smith. “The chicks are pretty cool too.”

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