‘Fight a Stranger’ App Positively Received

The Fight a Stranger interface makes picking a fight easy

NORTHEAST, MINNEAPOLIS – Calling it “good news, but not too surprising” local app developer Paul Sanford announced that the majority of users responded with positive feedback regarding the recently released Fight a Stranger mobile application. “We knew we were providing a needed service” stated Sanford, who helped design the application which allows users to connect with other nearby users interested in engaging in physical violence with another human being. “It is similar to other apps like Tinder, but what sets Fight a Stranger apart is that you aren’t finding a date, you are finding a stranger to fight.” Using the GPS data of a mobile device, the app let’s users search using a variety of criteria including body size, number of people, and amount of rage being felt.  Sanford announced he will soon be unveiling a new Find an Alley feature which will locate the nearest dark alley ideal for a rumble, ass-whooping, or beat-down. “Whether you’re a sexually frustrated frat boy looking to take out that anger on a complete stranger’s body, or just a depressed alcoholic looking to get your face punched in so you can feel something, anything, this app will help you find another, equally dangerous person.”

Cold Hard Comments

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